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Monte Carlo Fundraiser​

Monte Carlo Night is our annual fundraiser for Every Child Has a Name. 100% of the proceeds benefit humanitarian orphan care projects.

Thank you to all who made past fundraisers a great success!

We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor in November 16th, 2019!


Worldwide Orphans

There are over 153 million orphans in the world today according to UNICEF.  We are passionate about advocating on behalf of these children.  

Every Child Has A Name Mission

ECHAN addresses the needs of orphans worldwide, and supports a wide spectrum of work. The five primary areas of focus spell the word STARS:

  • Scholarships for adoption

  • Training for children who age out of orphanages

  • Aid for orphanages

  • Rescue for children caught in trafficking

  • Sponsorship of orphan tours

Your support of ECHAN helps mitigate the global orphan crisis.

Read our GuideStar Charity transparency information and profile here.

Download our brochure here

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