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We give aid to several orphanages:


  • Tender Hearts Baby Home in Mukono, Uganda

  • Notre Dame de la Nativitie in Haiti

  • Four homes in China

  • Hope for Cambodia

Every child has a name, but not every child has a family. That's why ECHAN tends to the needs of children who are unadopted. ECHAN provides financial support to organizations that train kids who age out of institutional care.


The Harbor, in St. Petersburg Russia, is a residential program with vocational training. Young adults learn a trade, and they develop life skills by living with peers and mentors in a community. ECHAN supports the Harbor with monthly financial gifts.


We support hosting tours of orphans from Eastern Europe.  These tours provide the children an unforgettable experience with a loving family, promote international understanding and goodwill, and help raise awareness about the needs of orphaned children.


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